Rusty Mills

In 2010, I had the pleasure and honor of meeting Rusty Mills, award winning director, producer and animator.  Rusty directed and produced Animaniacs and Pinky and the Brain, and had worked on films and television shows for Disney, Don Bluth Studios, Warner Brothers and others.  On top of being an amazing animator, Rusty was an in demand teacher and mentor.  That was our connection initially.  After teaching a ToonBoom workshop for a week, Rusty and I shook hands to form a partnership to build a new generation animation studio. In January, 2011, Rusty became our Executive Vice President of Animation until his passing in December 2012.

Even as I write this with his photo overlooking my work, tears well up for the man whose life was cut short because of colon cancer.  Rusty left behind a legacy of passion for animation and love for his wife and son. He was a visionary and an amazing, humble friend and colleague.  Though he was taken from us way too young, he will always be part of Studio Kinate’s core and vision, except now, he is directing from the top floor!

We all miss you and love you, Rusty.

We will continue to keep Rusty’s website active.


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