The Vision

Crinderknecht-Foster-ly I’m Charlotte Rinderknecht, President and Executive Producer of Studio Kinate. I’d like to share with you my dream that led to the creation of our animation studio.

At first, I I wanted to find a way to put talented novice animators to work. I wasn’t looking to build anything on a grand scale.  Just something where we could all enjoy creating small projects.  It was these young people who were the initial catalyst to build Studio Kinate. However, the more I researched what was happening in the animation industry  and sought to fulfill my own desires to be a storyteller, the more I realized there was so much more Studio Kinate could become.

When I found  Walt Disney’s famous phrase—“It’s kind of fun to do the impossible”—it inspired me to really think outside the box.  There needs to be a way to bring animation production back to the people who are the best at producing it, which is why I decided to become a virtual or “cloud” animation studio.  Using the technology available, we are able to put together teams of some of the top artists in the industry, from California, New York, Florida and everywhere in between. We have developed a proven production pipeline, allowing us to match the costs of outsourced production.  This IS a new paradigm but with all the digital tools available especially software such as Toon Boom Harmony, we believe our model will become the new norm for animation production.

As a producer, I want to push the envelop when it comes to animated storytelling.  After all, animation is more than JUST cartoons, it is about creating worlds, giving life to characters that may only exist in the imagination of its creator!

This has been a hard journey for me, my family and for those artists who have continued to work with me.  Our greatest setback was the loss of our Executive VP of Animation, award winning animator, producer and director, Rusty Mills (visit our tribute page to Rusty) but since that loss many others have come along side as advisers and collaborators.

Building a dream takes time, sacrifice and vision.  As we grow, we will begin creating our own stories.  Until then, we will bring the vision and stories from others to life. For more about Studio Kinate’s early years, please read the Washington Post Magazine article.


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