How We Work

Studio Kinate attracts the top artists and animators  who’ve worked at some of the top networks and studios.  We are committed to producing animation that combines traditional techniques with digital technology in order to tell compelling stories that will entertain audience of all ages.

Integral to our model are three attributes that we call Seeds of Success:

  • Creative Storytelling – When it all comes down to it, it is about story and great stories are a combination of great writing and art. At Studio Kinate, we work with some of the top storytellers to bring even the smallest story to life.
  • Leverage Technology to accelerate our production process decreasing time, speed, agility, and breaking down geographical barriers all culminate to decrease production costs.  ToonBoom Harmony and Storyboard Pro, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator, Premiere Pro and After-Effects are our main staples when it comes to animation and illustration.  However, we also utilize Maya and 3Ds Max.
  • Utilize local industry talent across the DC Metro region for all areas of production.  The area is teaming with production and audio facilities and a wealth of VO and acting talent.  Making this the ideal location for animated production.


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